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manifesto offsite 2019. destination: colorado.

This summer, the team at Manifesto traded their desktops for mountain tops and ventured to Colorado to spend a week relaxing and refocusing the mission of our agency. As a split-location agency, we love any chance to spend time united as one and the offsite is a perfect example of our dedication to our model. As a team, we explored Denver, Boulder and Breckenridge, taking in the natural splendors all around us. Whether it was hiking, fat tire biking, exploring national parks or off-roading, we made the most of our adventures together set behind the mountain sky.

Also, does a person ever get tired of mountain views? Because they seemed to always inspire awe in our team. Whatever worries that stuck in our mind seemed to disappear at sunset when we would gather on the deck. Here were these towering beauties who had seen so much and still endured. It was a beautiful reminder of our purpose for the offsite, to pause for a moment and think of the bigger picture.


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