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the often forgotten.

Urban light and Blindfold Magazine partner with Manifesto for branding and visual collateral.

Manifesto is proud to have partnered with Urban Light and Blindfold Magazine to help them bring their feature documentary, “The Often Forgotten,” to life through a strong and compelling brand system and web treatment.

“The Often Forgotten” is a film developed over the past four years that tells the stories of at-risk boys who are exploited, abused and trafficked within the sex tourism industry of Thailand. The documentary explores the social violence that perpetuates this on-going issue and the activists who are fighting to give these boys the support, aid and justice they desperately need. Set to release in Spring 2020, “The Often Forgotten” is directed by documentary filmmaker Jacqueline Romano, with the support of anti-trafficking expert and activist Alezandra Russell. 

But, we need your help! They have until November 22nd to raise $50,000 in order to complete post-production and launch the film. Together we can help them reach their goal and bring this force of change to the world. For more information about “The Often Forgotten” and ways you can donate, click here.


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