Chacos | River Borne Ready


Chacos | River Borne Ready



The Chaco brand embodies our inclination for closeness to nature. Chaco Footwear was born of the river. But it faced a challenging competitive landscape with other brands with similar stories. Chaco needed a way to stand out and lay claim to their own territory and positioning within the marketplace. Born of the River, carried by it, ready for anything.


While born on the river, Chaco footwear literally transports adventurers through life. With River as our true north, every adventure begins and ends with the river. Said simply: The river is out trailhead and Chaco is our vessel.


Manifesto created a two year brand platform for Chaco to encapsulate the essence of this vision. Enter the idea: River Borne Ready—a literal translation of being born of the river, transported by it and ready for any adventure life throws your way. As the centerpiece of this two year campaign arc, a distinctive visual center that would allow the brand to interpret and extend the platform across retail, sales, channel marketing digital and beyond.

  • Developed unifying brand platform and visual center
  • Created a new brand narrative for the master brand

  • Conceptualized across multiple channels to imaging how the campaign would extend

  • Developed a signature look book and leave behind to inspire the sales force

  • Delivered a brand platform playbook (look, feel, tone) as a future roadmap

Map illustration created by Alex DeSpain.