Intel | IOE


Intel | IOE



Despite 50 years of innovation leading to countless breakthroughs in technology, Intel had never laid claim to these moments. Consequently, consumers and employees never saw the brand as the powerful force making these product experiences possible. Early in 2015, Manifesto helped Intel re-launch their brand under a new platform and promise: Intel Inside Makes Amazing Experiences Possible Outside.


To truly "Let The Inside Out" and get employees’ hands on technology, we had to create a disruptive experience that brought them out of the office and into the world of technology they helped create.


These experiences included prototypes developed by Intel employees, including interactive motorcycle helmets and eight-legged Edison-driven spider bots. The experience also featured cutting edge tablets, wearables, an Intel “Fab of the Future”, sixth generation Intel processor devices and hands-free gaming driven by RealSense™ technology. Here's how it deployed: 

  • Designed and constructed shipping containers for three different geos: Asia, Europe and United States

  • Curated technology from across the Intel system and Original Equipment Manufacture–both prototypes and consumer-facing products

  • Created custom content, videos and digital screens to highlight products and the Intel technology that employees helped create

  • Designed an immersive 3D Oculus Rift game experience to help employees imagine what an Intel fab could look like in 50 years


2016 - Ex Award, Best Mobile Marketing Tour