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Nike | Zerocity



Nike seeks to create a zero waste supply chain, but to do it, Nike knew they’d have to rally the entire organization around a singular goal wrapped in an irresistibly powerful story.


At the heart of Nike is performance. To crack the code on selling Nike’s zero waste supply chain plan we had to transform it into a story that tapped into the heart and soul of Nike employees and their ambition to push past the boundaries of what’s possible. Instead of driving down waste, we called on employees to accelerate it to zero.


When Nike leads, the industry follows. Armed with a deep human insight about the collective momentum of Nike, its athletes and the world, we created a platform called Zerocity. Lighter, better faster. When Nike, our athletes and the world create an unstoppable force that accelerates waste to zero, we’ve done our job. We’ve created sustainability through innovation. We have created Zerocity.

• Brand strategy development

• Visual Center development

• Campaign narrative & manifesto

• Asset development for deployment across Nike system

• Development of Zerocity Digital Hub and gamification overlay