Verve Credit Union | Auto Refinance


Verve Credit Union | Auto Refinance



Develop a seasonal campaign to drive awareness and make consumers consider moving their auto loan to Verve during the first quarter of 2017, giving consumers a breather from their car payments when they need it most.


We created several micro-videos of Merv “hanging” with Verve customers. And by “hanging,” we mean that literally. This is Air Freshener Merv hanging with customers on their mini-adventures, funded by the money they saved with the Payment Pause, of course.


Loans. Nobody likes them. Millennials hate them. They’re like a black cloud that follows you around wherever you go, which—especially when you’re locked into a high interest rate—is usually no farther than the office, the gym, and the local market. Maybe, if you’re feeling “spendy,” you enjoy a nice sit-down meal every now and then at a fancy restaurant like … Chipotle. But what if … what if you could hit the pause button on your auto loan for a few months and really live it up with all the extra money you save? That’s what Merv did! He refinanced his auto loan with Verve, taking advantage of the Auto Loan Payment Pause, and now he’s livin’ the dream! He bought snow tires for his hoverboard, a pair of heated earmuffs, and is even thinking about getting out of town for a while and fulfilling his lifelong dream of going to Blue Man Group Camp in Vegas. All because he got out of paying his auto loan for three months with Verve. And you can too! Escape the black cloud of your auto loan for a bit and treat yourself to something nice. You deserve it.